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Business accelerated through knowledge, expertise and hard won experience:
Because no one wants to wait for success.


Xeba can remove barriers for Start-ups, arranging finance, insurances, structure and systems to ensure you get it right from day one.


Xeba can help you identify the key elements to fast-track your business to a company that produces quicker results and earlier success.


Xeba can help refocus your business. Working with you to establish the flat spots, identifying new revenue streams and cost savings.


Xeba can assess your business, appraising everything from systems and procedures, to recruitment, management and target setting, to finance and credit.


Xeba can deliver an extensive network of relationships, services and suppliers massed over 20 years of corporate trading within a broad spectrum of industries.


Xeba can provide strategic direction as an equity partner. Utilising our board of Directors and our complete network to work closely within your organisation.

How Xeba Has Helped

Xeba Alliances

Xeba excel in forging partnerships with a range of businesses. We look for key opportunities to help ambitious individuals and companies with great idea’s and unrivalled passion to disrupt the marketplace in an otherwise limited economy. Our House of Brands include :


OneWay specialise in the resource and supply of white and blue collar staff to the construction, civil engineering and facilities management sectors.

OneWay was a construction recruitment start up. The board of directors at Xeba were fundamental in the success of the business facilitating the growth from a new idea to a highly profitable £25Million turnover company.

They arranged the finance, back office support, training, marketing, systemisation, process and structure. The same people are still at the heart of OneWays success after 16 years.

02.Simple Cloud

Simple Cloud provide cloud based telecoms solutions to SME’s across the UK.

Simple Cloud was a telecoms start up. Xeba helped with creating a business plan, finance, finding premises, brand and logo development, social media and back office support. As a new business that is flourishing.

Xeba has helped implement structure and systems to allow Simple Cloud to recruit and grow organically, to meet market demands whilst maintaining the core values that have underpinned the business.


Zepay is a payroll provider to the contract and temporary worker markets.

With Xeba’s management and support, Zepay were able to realise their vision of creating a payroll platform that could take the hassle out of what is typically an arduous experience for the customer.

Xeba were at the forefront of the idea, driving the project from concept to a trading entity, arranging the finance, insurances, systems, procedures, structure and deliverables.

Consequently Zepay have bucked the trend of complex, drawn-out payroll companies, their easy-to-use awarding winning automated portal is a game changer for people who “just want to get paid”.

Zepay – We Pay: Simple.

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